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Insights Into Your Relationship Couldn’t Be Easier

When it comes to your relationship nothing could be easier than falling in love, but how do you stay in love?

With the Oxygen Profile Assessment you have a personalized roadmap for your relationship that will give you insights into your personality, what motivates you, and how to get the love you want.

Because we want to make sure you have everything you need to have an amazing marriage, you’ll receive a free subscription to our Premium Membership.


What’s Inside The Assessment?

The 10 power-packed pages of customized insights provide you with:

  • A step-by-step process for realizing instant results
  • Personality insights that are unique to you
  • Communication tips based on your unique personality
  • Understanding what motivates you and your partner
  • How you are adapting to your surroundings both in your relationship and life

BONUS When You Complete The Oxygen Profile Assessment

We want to make sure you have everything you need to have an amazing marriage,
so we’ve included for a limited time a free subscription to our Premium Membership (Annual $99).

Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1

Take the assessment in less than 15 minutes.
Use any device, including your phone.

Step 2

Download your report. Your results are instantly tabulated by
our algorithm and we send your report directly to you.

 Step 3

Get Started By Learning Insights About You.

Your assessment comes with a free
Premium Subscription.

Learn more about what is included below.

What Your Premium Membership Includes

7-Day Love Challenge: Spark greater intimacy in your relationship by challenging yourself with small action steps done daily for 7 days, delivered to your membership area. Take the challenge once or once a month. Also available for deployed members.

Date Night Inbox: Receive creative with date night plans delivered right to your member dashboard every month. All the work is done for you – so you can just go and have fun together!

Love Styles: Weekly action steps delivered via email to inspire deeper ways to communicate with your partner – providing loving solutions using his/her Love Style!

MasterSeries: Inside the Areas of Need Courses, you go deeper with the masters, so you’re better equipped with powerful tools to tackle relationship challenges.

OXYGEN Show: Inside the Areas of Need Courses, you explore compelling lessons from the best-of-the-best relationship experts. Applying these concepts and transform yourself and your relationships.

LoveNotes: These eBooks compile expert advice to inspire growth in your relationship’s specific area of need. They’re handy quick-reads to jump-start transformation in your relationship!

Gain instant access to our OXYGEN Show

Receive hours of invaluable content from Top Relationship Experts like Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Dr. Hal Runkel, Meg Meeker, Shaunti Feldhahn, Laurie Puhn, and so many more.

Men need respect, women need love.
Learn more with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Argue smarter, not harder with Laurie Puhn

Become a scream-free parent with Hal Runkel


As a member you’ll learn about communication, conflict resolution, dating, intimacy and more. These are fundamental principles vital to the life of your relationship – just like OXYGEN is vital to all life. Without OXYGEN most life will die within minutes. OXYGEN is combustion, it heats up the fire, oxygen is the key component to many chemical reactions. At Stronger Families, it is our desire that the OXYGEN you’ll encounter in your membership will ignite, breathe life, and be a catalyst for change in your relationship.

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