heroes at home podcast

For out heroes that serve…
and the families & communities that support them.

Co-host of the show

Noel Meador
CEO of Stronger Families
Co-author of OXYGEN Seminar

Keni Thomas
Bronze Medal of Valor Recipient
Musician & Best-selling author

About the Podcast

Welcome to the Heroes At Home Podcast, where we believe heroes can thrive both at work and at home. This podcast is for those who stand watch while we sleep, who run into buildings while others run out, for those who deploy to hard places to have hard fights… and for the families and communities that support them. Through candid conversation, we will discuss the things that don’t get glorified in the media…what happens when our heroes come home.  We’ll be talking with active military, veterans and first responders — their partners, children, friends, and beyond, so together, we can build Stronger Families.

Episode 13: Breaking the Silence: Nick’s Journey from attempted Suicide to Hope

In this episode of the Stronger Families Podcast, host Noel Meador interviews Nick, a police officer from Washington, who shares his powerful journey of healing and hope. Nick recounts his experiences of enduring trauma on the job and the toll it took on his mental health and relationships. He opens up about his struggle with suicidal thoughts and how a timely phone call from his sergeant saved his life. Seeking help, Nick joined the First Responder Wellness Center and underwent a transformative in-patient program, addressing childhood traumas and learning healthy coping mechanisms. He emphasizes the significance of aftercare and the support of loved ones in the healing process. Nick's story is a testament to resilience and the importance of seeking assistance, proving that no one should face their struggles alone.

Episode 12: Redefining Strength: The Downward Spiral

With suicide being a topic that embodies darkness and despair, it is natural to want to avoid talking about it. It is a subject so heavy with statistics that your brain and your heart will try to stiff-arm it at every corner. Suicide is not something that is brought up at a dinner party or a company picnic yet in the proper setting, it can launch a conversation so deep that it can instill a purpose. Hear from Dana Jackson as she retells her widow’s story of watching her husband’s light dim over time until it would eventually extinguish. Listen to Dana’s journey of walking alongside her late husband Erik as he struggled with physical pain leading to mental strain and his loss of identity at work and at home. Understand the role that PTSD had in their marriage and why, as a society, we do not speak up more to let our inner circle know that we are not ok. Gain insight on how to take the smallest of steps in accepting help through resources that are geared toward your profession.

Episode #11: The War Commuter: One Veteran’s Journey from Home to the Front Lines

The story follows Brandon's journey from his abusive upbringing to his fast track into the military after high school. His family and military service became closely intertwined as he experienced significant life events such as the 9/11 attacks, his marriage, and the birth of his first child. He became a "war commuter," spending little time at home due to extended tours of service. Eventually, after 11 years of service, he retired from the military, but faced new challenges such as learning to take off layers of armor and seeking help for unresolved behavioral health issues, which went undiagnosed for six years. He eventually found faith through conversations with other veterans and joined a church with his wife. Brandon's journey shows the power of surrender and seeking help to overcome challenges and become a better person.


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