Taste of OXYGEN Workshops

Breaking Barriers to Communication

Healthy communication is the key to mending conflicts, overcoming obstacles and building greater intimacy. But effective communication often doesn’t come naturally. Happily, great communication skills can be learned and nurtured, so you can express your own needs and understand those of your partner. By learn more about how you and your partner listen and communicate, you’ll tame tension, heal conflict and open the door to more insight and empathy in your relationship.

  • Learn active, empathetic listening skills.
  • Gain tools to help you become better heard and understood.
  • Tackle barriers to great communication.
  • Cultivate skills to enhance communication-both at work and at home.

Navigate the Hurdles of Love & Money

Are your finances creating calm or chaos? Money can be a source of strength or a source of stress, depending on how you and your partner approach dollars and cents. Learning more about your personality traits and their impact on your financial life can help bring you and your partner closer together, and help you avoid financial conflicts. Clarifying your individual and shared values around spending, saving, and long-term goals can help ease tensions and create a shared vision for your future.

  • Recognize how emotions can impact financial decision-making.
  • Learn about your “money personality” in a relaxed setting.
  • Practice effective ways to communicate feelings about money.
  • Create an action plan to tackle one financial goal.

Knowing Your Unique Love Styles

Love is more than a feeling. True love combines companionship, commitment and connection in a daily expression of affection. But expressing love for our partner can fall by the wayside in our busy lives. Even though you’re in love, you may not always feel loved, or express your love for your partner in the way you’d like. Learning more about your own love style and that of your partner can create the foundation for lasting love that moves beyond romance to true intimacy.

  • Learn your “love language” and that of your partner.
  • Expose new ways to express your love.
  • Discover one another’s emotional needs.
  • Learn proven ways to build emotional intimacy

Managing Life’s Ongoing Transitions

Transitions can throw your life off balance, but they can also be a time of growth, discovery and renewal. A transition can offer an opportunity to nurture different personality traits and increase your overall life satisfaction. Learning more about how transition impacts your relationship can help bring order and peace to your family during times of change for a smoother, more successful transition to civilian life.

  • Discover personal strengths and how they can translate into civilian life.
  • Learn how to create calm when life feels chaotic.
  • Dismiss isolation and create strong community connections.
  • Create an action plan to address one aspect of your transition.

Understanding Our Differences

Differences add richness and complexity to your relationship—and keep things interesting, too! Your spouse’s unique personality can complement yours, creating a strong partnership that’s greater than the sum of its parts. But over time, differences can create misunderstandings, stress and conflict in your relationship. When you understand and appreciate your partner’s unique personality and the value your differences bring to your relationship, intimacy thrives.

  • Learn how to speak your partner’s love language
  • Discover ways to relate and respond to your partner today.
  • Gain tools to support and reinforce your partner’s strengths.
  • Explore ways to meet each other’s emotional and relational needs.

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