Garrick PangAssociate Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Garrick brings extensive non-profit world experience and a heart passion for strengthening marriages to Stronger Families. Part of this passion is because, as he shares, “In the first several years of our marriage, Anna and I really struggled. We didn’t communicate well and saw the world through very different lenses. We learned many lessons the hard way and thankfully we’ve been able to persevere through our challenges and grow in our love for each other. We wish that we had had the tools that we now teach through OXYGEN; they would have helped save us a lot of heart-ache. It’s a part of why I love giving couples practical tools to strengthen their marriage – so they don’t have to go through the pain we did.”

    Garrick has been married to Anna for 22 years and are raising three sons. Garrick’s hobbies include soccer, golf, martial arts, acting and playing the saxophone.

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