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OXYGEN is vital to all life – and OXYGEN Premium Membership breathes life into marriages around the globe with expert guidance and proven strategies to build intimacy and improve communication.

Our Members Love: Join Thousands of happy Stronger Families couples building stronger bonds with these tools:

7-Day Love Challenge:  Small daily action steps to spark greater intimacy in your marriage.

Date Night Inbox: Creative, pre-planned monthly DateNights add variety and fun!

Love Styles: Weekly action steps to inspire deeper communication, based on your unique Love Styles.

MasterSeries: Top relationship experts help tackle your trouble spots.

OXYGEN Show: Top relationship experts help tackle your trouble spots.

LoveNotes: Handy ebooks with expert advice on your specific areas of need.

Members have instant 24/7 access to the OXYGEN Show

Let top relationship experts guide you through life’s biggest challenges. Featuring Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Dr. Hal Runkel, Meg Meeker, Shaunti Feldhahn, Laurie Puhn, and so many more.

Men need respect, women need love.
Learn more with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Argue smarter, not harder with Laurie Puhn

Become a scream-free parent with Hal Runkel



As a member you’ll learn about communication, conflict resolution, dating, intimacy and more. These are fundamental principles vital to the life of your relationship – just like OXYGEN is vital to all life. Without OXYGEN most life will die within minutes. OXYGEN is combustion, it heats up the fire, oxygen is the key component to many chemical reactions. At Stronger Families, it is our desire that the OXYGEN you’ll encounter in your membership will ignite, breathe life, and be a catalyst for change in your relationship.

Join today. We’re stronger together.

Premium Membership

What's Included?
DateNight Inbox - Date ideas delivered monthly.
7-Day Love Challenge - Increase your communication.
Love Styles - Show the one you love how much you do, in the way they receive love.
Areas of Need Courses - With lessons you can apply today to enhance communication.
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