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John Gray is the leading relationship expert in the world and best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Gray’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world. Through his highly acclaimed books, videos and transformational seminars, John’s purpose is to create a world where men and women understand, respect, appreciate and ultimately work together. Gray has appeared on Dr. Oz, Oprah, The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, The View, Fox & Friends Weekend, Good Morning New York, CNN, Larry King, and others. He has been profiled in Newsweek, Time Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, TV Guide, and People, among scores of other major programs.

“We are more aware of negative things that trigger our partner and more open to seeing from each other’s point of view. We learned how to listen to each other, relate to how the other is feeling, and understand what they are trying to communicate.”

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In this episode, Dr. John Gray, leading expert and author of the classic book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, answers the question on every married couple’s mind: Why is it so difficult for us to communicate? Most couples think the male-female communication difference could be the kiss of death for their marriage, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Gray breaks down the complex reasons behind the communication barrier and offers helpful and encouraging advice for newlyweds and empty-nesters alike, including giving your marriage that little oomph it needs sometimes. Dr. Gray reveals the time-tested secret to increasing feel-good hormones and spicing up your sex life. Hint: It will make you smack your head and say, “That’s so easy! Let’s try it tonight!” Contrary to traditional advice, Dr. Gray makes the case for sticking it out through thick and  thin and presents practical steps in how to cope, move on, and heal from a major disappointment, including infidelity. For military couples, he offers pointed guidance for dealing with the myriad stressors preventing open and honest lines of communication.

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