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The Palmers are financial coaches and authors of several books on money and relationships, including The 5 Money Personalities. They are regulars on national TV and radio, and speak internationally about love and money. Together, Scott and Bethany have more than forty-three years of financial planning experience. They are dedicated to helping couples strengthen their financial relationship.

“We are more aware of negative things that trigger our partner and more open to seeing from each other’s point of view. We learned how to listen to each other, relate to how the other is feeling, and understand what they are trying to communicate.”

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In this episode, Scott and Bethany Palmer—financial coaches and authors of The 5 Money Personalities—discuss what it takes for every marriage to find financial harmony. Every person has two distinct money personalities—one primary and one secondary—that inform and direct their habits with money. They are: (1) the Spender, (2), the Saver, (3) the Risk Taker, (4) the Security Seeker, and (5) the Flyer. Our money personalities are ingrained in us from birth; we can no more change our money personalities than the color of our eyes. Because of this, it is vital for married couples to find common ground and understanding of each other’s unique spending/saving habits.

Over 70% of divorced couples cite financial issues as the #1 cause of arguments, and financial discord spills over into every other area of a couples’ relationship. Even couples with a large nest egg and a healthy retirement fund may divorce over the day-to-day stress of disagreeing about money; in fact, over 80% of couples have opposite money personalities. However, if a couple commits to understanding each other’s money personalities, extends grace, and steps back from the reins, their marriage can grow and flourish.

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