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Alli Worthington is the author of Breaking Busy: Finding Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy. She is a speaker, the Executive Director of Propel Women, and co-founder of BlissDom Events. She lives outside Nashville with her husband, Mark, their five sons.

“We are more aware of negative things that trigger our partner and more open to seeing from each other’s point of view. We learned how to listen to each other, relate to how the other is feeling, and understand what they are trying to communicate.”

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In this episode, Alli Worthington—speaker, executive director of Propel Women, co-founder of BlissDom Events, and author of Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy—discusses the negative effects of chronic busyness, including:

How is busyness impacting us?
We sacrifice our health, sleep, happiness, and even sanity for the sake of busyness.

What is the cure for chronic busyness?
Don’t wait until you hit your breaking point; take a hard look at your commitments and ask yourself, “What is sucking the life out of me?” and figure out a way to cut it out of your life.

How can you tell when you’ve hit your limit?
Much like a phone battery that needs recharging each day, we need to draw boundaries and commit to recharging.

How can you stay connected to loved ones during seasons of busyness?
Commit at least a few minutes each day to connect on a heart level with those whom you love.

How can you protect your time from people and things that are life-draining?
We all have friends, family members, coworkers, etc. who are completely life-draining and rob us of our time and energy. Set boundaries in your time and emotional energy with these people.

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