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"Honestly, having something to discuss during our quality time that is other than work or how the day went. The 7-Day Love Challenge gave us more conversation pieces to use and help strengthen our communication." -Amanda T. 

"All of the information that is given is always a good thing. Relationships tend to take the back burner due to day to day chores. This brings it back to the forefront and reminds us that we need to take a little time out for ourselves, the marriage, and the family." –Jackie P.

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"Reading your helpful thoughts are encouraging and motivating me to make my relationship stronger with my husband and giving me more confidence to speak in a kind way to him." --Liberty R.  

We're helping thousands of couples throughout the world strengthen their love and renew their relationships, including first responders, active military, veterans, and civilians. 

The hours, risk, and other unique circumstances in first responder service can defintely strain your relationship. We really do understand - and we're listening. 

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Our vision is for healthy marriages and stronger families in every community. We've been serving families for over 25 years.

Our mission is to bring life-changing skills to marriages and families so that they can be strong and thrive. 


7-Day Love Challenge:

Just a few minutes each day will spark greater intimacy for your relationship – growing into a stronger connection by day seven!

Love Styles: 

Weekly ideas delivered right via email to inspire deeper ways to communicate with your partner – speaking his/her Love Languages!

DateNight Inbox: 

Get creative with date night plans delivered right to your email inbox. All the work is done for you – so you can just go and have fun together!


These eBooks compile expert advice to inspire growth in your relationship’s specific area of need. They’re handy quick-reads to jump-start transformation in your relationship!


Explore a huge collection of compelling video conversations with the best-of-the-best relationship experts – featuring easily applied concepts that will transform your trouble spots!

Master Series: 

Count on better equipping yourself with powerful tools to tackle those relationship areas of need. Watch for an amazing transformation as these tactics become habit!