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Differences – May 2018

When my wife was finally able to attend an OXYGEN event I was facilitating, I was thrilled! People enjoyed having her interact and fill in some of the gaps between my perspective and, as she calls it, reality!

My favorite part of her being there happened after the event when a woman approached her and with a look of exuberant relief on her face. She said this was the first time she’d felt comfortable with who she was at a relationships seminar. My wife was intrigued and asked for her to explain. The woman went on explaining that she and her husband are similar to my wife, and I regarding identifying more with the opposite gender. As the group explored the differences between men and women, I made allowances for couple who don’t identify along the gender norms siting my wife and myself as examples. This simple acknowledgement freed her and her husband to engage without worrying that there was something wrong with them!
I realize that you can’t cater the presentation for each individual couple. However, taking the time to acknowledge different possibilities can make the difference for some. The first session of the OXYGEN Seminar is designed to highlight differences between men and women in a general sense. Yet allowing couples to discover the unique differences that exist within their personal relationship, regardless of whether or not they are consistent with gender stereotypes, can be even more impactful.


Sean Sanberg
Director of Training at Stronger Families

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Presentation Tip

Consider letting the audience highlight the unique traits between men and women. Using their suggestions as your talking points will allow the audience to connect with you, as you address the issues they’ve already identified.

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