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We Are Better Together

Life can certainly make us feel alone at times. Stress at work, the pace of the daily routine, relationship tension, family drama… it can be difficult to feel supported as you strive to accomplish your mission. But you are not alone. We have an incredible community of facilitators who are working hard at pushing back against the tide of broken relationships and truly making a difference just like you. You are in good company. You are not alone and your support extends beyond other facilitators. Through our amazing partnership with the USO you have others in your corner! People like Ann Jarvis, Center Director, USO Camp Pendleton.

“As a USO employee on the local level, I know that working with Stronger Families has been such a blessing not only for myself but to all the couples I have seen attend. I have traveled around the world with the USO and I can honestly say that Stronger Families is one of my favorite partnerships that the USO has. Everyone knows that the military lifestyle is unique, but Stronger Families takes that above and beyond talking to our Service Members and their spouses on military related topics, as well as how to communicate when you just are not sure how to. Working with the Chaplains has also been wonderful because they know the challenges that their service members are facing and can share that with Stronger Families to tailor their time during each event.I love being able to connect Stronger Families to our Chaplains through the USO, it is a wonderful program and I fully believe that it supports the USO’s Mission of keeping families connected.”

If you haven’t already, I want to challenge you to reach out, connect with your local USO Center Director and/or Programs Manager and explore ways of accomplishing the mission together!

Grateful for you,

Sean Sanberg
Director of Training at Stronger Families

From Events As you may have noticed, we have updated our Surveys and After Action Reports. The format of these new surveys will help streamline the information provided by your attendees and assist you in planning future events. Thank you so much for your patience while we iron out any wrinkles and let us know if you have any feedback!”


We have funding available to bring a Facilitator Certification Training to your area.

  • Deep dive into the OXYGEN Curriculum
  • Effective Speaker Training
  • Teach back sessions that challenge and affirm your skills!


Contact our Training Coordinator, Katie Koons, for more information.

Presentation Tip

During the Teach back portion of your certification training, you became aware of this understanding of engagement: If you appear nervous, your audience will become nervous and possibly defensive. Consider reviewing your toolset. Identify what gestural or verbal connectors you are using that may canvey nervousness. Hands clasped, backing up, pacing, rocking, starting your sentences with “so”, and FRUTH.

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