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Communication is Key

Communication is more than what we say to someone. It hinges on two people working in partnership with one another as a transmitter and a receiver. If a transmission has been well crafted and deliberately sent but is not clearly received, communication is broken or even lost. Tuning in to the proper frequency is necessary for clear communication to take place. The Couplogue is a way for couples to “tune in” to one another by acknowledging their partners thoughts and feelings. For many couples, this can be a pivotal exercise in the OXYGEN Seminar providing a rare opportunity to feel heard and understood, as well as to truly hear and understand their partner. At the core of this exercise are two essential ingredients: Validation and Empathy.

If I offer validation, I’m essentially communicating that I identify with how you are THINKING. I see where you are coming from. I don’t have to agree with you to offer validation. I am simply acknowledging the reality of your perception, but without judgement or influence. This can be a soothing experience to receive.

If I express empathy, I am communicating that I identify with how you are FEELING. I am not trying to fix it. I am standing with you in the midst of it. In the words of Brené Brown, “Empathy is feeling with someone.” Expressing empathy is a great catalyst for feeling connected.

Validation and Empathy…together these concepts can eliminate a lot of misunderstanding that raw emotions and mismanaged expectations can create, helping couples navigate their differences, creating balance rather than tension.

Sincerely and Thankfully,
Sean Sanberg
Director of Training at Stronger Families

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